Closest Liquor Store For A Quality Bottle

The cold winter months offer the perfect opportunity to warm up with a mug of whiskey. Before you look up liquor store hours and head out to buy a bottle, learn about three popular types of whiskey. Whether you’re in search of scotch or looking for a bonded bourbon, you’ll be glad we’re the closest liquor store in the area. We offer an extensive selection of whiskey brands, including many you won’t find anywhere else.

Three Types of Whiskey to Try this Winter

Distillers make whiskey by boiling a mixture of crushed grains and then adding yeast, which turns the sugar in the grains into alcohol. This alcohol is then distilled and placed in wooden barrels to age.

Before you head to our Glendale liquor store to grab a bottle, read this quick guide to the different varieties of whiskey.

1. Scotch

Scottish distillers make this popular variety of whiskey with malted barley and other grains. They age the liquor for at least three years within oak barrels. Regulation prevents distillers from adding anything to scotch beyond water and caramel coloring. To earn the scotch name, the whiskey must come from Scotland.

  • “Single malt” means the grain mash uses only malted barley.
  • “Single grain” means the scotch is made in one distillery using barley and other grains.
  • “Blended” means the scotch is a mix of different whiskeys from various distilleries.

2. Bourbon

Distillers make bourbon using a specific process. First, they begin with a grain mash made up of at least 51 percent corn. They then distill the resulting spirit and water it down until it reaches an alcohol level of 62.5 percent. From there, it goes into a charred oak barrel, where it remains until the alcohol reaches 40 percent.

  • “Wheated” uses wheat as the secondary grain after corn.
  • “Traditional” features up to 80 percent corn instead of the required 51 percent.
  • “Barrel proof” is bottled at the proof of an aged bourbon and isn’t cut with water.
  • “Bonded” is bottled at 100 proof and aged under government supervision in a federally bonded facility.
  • “High rye” features a large amount of rye, giving the spirit a nice buttery flavor.
  • “Single barrel” ages for a full decade in charred white-oak barrels.
  • “Barrel finished” ages in a different type of wooden casing after it has already aged using traditional methods.

3. Irish

Along with originating from Ireland, the whiskey must meet certain standards to earn the Irish name. Irish whiskey ages in wooden barrels for at least three years. It’s distilled to less than 94.8 percent alcohol.

  • “Single grain” includes grains other than malted barley and undergoes distillation at a single location.
  • “Single pot still” comes from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley and is distilled in a pot still.
  • “Irish blend” means the whiskey is a mix of single grain, single malt, and single pot still.
  • “Single malt” is twice distilled in one distillery using pure malted barley, aged for at least three years in oak barrels, and bottled at 40 percent alcohol or higher.

The Closest Liquor Store in Phoenix: Stop in and Get Your Whiskey

Our Glendale location offers convenient liquor store hours to ensure you can pick up whatever you need. If you have any questions about these or other whiskey varieties, our friendly staff members will be happy to help.