Open Liquor Store Near Me: Drinks for Your Perfect Weekend

You’ve worked hard all week, and you’re ready for some fun and relaxation. From going on adventures in the great outdoors to binging your favorite show on the couch, there’s no wrong way to enjoy time off. Before you search, open liquor store near me , check out our suggestions for pairing drinks with your weekend mood.

A Weekend in the Great Outdoors: Rum and Coconut Water

When it comes to bringing alcohol along on nature trips, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First, if you’ll be hiking into camp with a load on your back, you’ll want to make sure to pack light as possible. Second, you’ll want to consider health. Physical activity in the outdoors can lead to dehydration.

The weight issue means you won’t want to lug a 30-pack of beer along. You’ll be better off bringing along a small bottle of hard alcohol, such as rum. To stay hydrated, mix the rum with coconut water. A bottle of coconut water can offer up to 500 mg of potassium.

A Lazy Weekend at Home: Hard Lemonade or Cider

When you’re feeling lazy, the last thing you want to do is get up to mix a fancy cocktail. A bottled drink, such as hard lemonade or cider, is ideal. These drinks offer a little more than basic beer, but they don’t require any bothersome prep. Simply grab a bottle and get back to enjoying the movie.

A Family Weekend: Beer

What goes better with a family barbecue than a few cold brews? If you’re planning a gathering with the family, beer is the way to go. Almost everyone likes it, and if you provide a few varieties, you can ensure each family member has what they prefer.

Beer is also affordable and easy to stock up on. For larger gatherings, consider getting a keg or two. Our Glendale liquor store provides keg rentals featuring all your favorite beers. With an adequate supply on hand, you won’t find yourself asking, where is an open liquor store near me? later in the evening.

A Romantic Weekend for Two: Blush Wine

Most of us associate wine with romance. Not only does wine tend to pair well with a romantic dinner, but it’s also a known aphrodisiac. It turns out this isn’t all in our heads. According to research from Dr. Max Lake, a renowned Australian surgeon, the scent of wine can mimic that of human pheromones.

How do you choose the right wine for your romantic weekend? Go with the variety your partner prefers. When in doubt, a nice blush wine is always a great choice.

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